14 Daily Do’s and Don’ts

My goal is for A Guy’s Guide to a Good Life to be a holistic look at every part of a guy’s life. Money. Relationships. Career. Kids. Spouse. Faith.

I want to help you develop the morals and ethics that make up your guard rails AKA you conscious. The inner voice that sounds the alarm or says “good job” as you go about your day.

I love talking about these topics, but what about Tuesday? Sure you’re working a grand plan to get promoted at work, but what about the lady who is waiting on you at Chick-fil-a and messed up your order? How does a guy’s guide to a good life apply to that situation? Should it? Are there rules to help a good guy navigate everyday life?

I’ll submit two lists to get the conversation started,. One is all about don’ts and the other is the do’s.

  1. Don’t brag
  2. Don’t be a Jerk
  3. Don’t steal
  4. Don’t cheat
  5. Don’t lie
  6. Don’t expect a free ride
  7. Don’t hold a grudge
  1. Do hold the door
  2. Do say please
  3. Do say thank you
  4. Do help the next one in line
  5. Do tell the truth
  6. Do stay humble
  7. Do remember how hard you worked to get where you are

Think about both lists. 14 do’s and don’ts to help a guy navigate a crappy Mondays or throw back Thursdays. We all need to have a set of values to guide us when the girl working the register at Chick-fil-A gives you an Arnold Palmer instead of half-sweet half unsweet tea. Or the mechanic charges you twice what he said he would.

Every day we’re faced with hundreds of issues we have to figure out how to handle. And how we respond to the inconveniences and irritations tell a lot about our character and masculinity.

Whenever I explode or show my ass because I didn’t get my way, I’m never a good man. I’m a child. That is not living a good life, that’s me making someone’s life worse for the few minutes because they had to deal with me. That’s not cool because like I keep saying, I have plenty of time left but none to waste. But that’s also true of the person who’s dealing with me. I’ve made a small part of their most precious asset, time, miserable. For little or no reason.

Not cool.

It’s Not About Me

That’s the reason to follow the 14 do’s and don’ts. It’s not about me, it’s about the people I come in contact with on every day. Focusing on others is the way you leave a legacy. When I become other people centered the world is made a better place.

I came up with a question to ask whenever I’m writing an article like this or talking with another person. It’s short and nowhere near grammatically correct. It’s actually pretty bad writing but it resonates with me. I get it.

What’s best for you (them)?

Should I tell you that you’re not doing a good job? What’s best for you?

Should I tweet I’ve had a bad experience with a business? What’s best for them?

Should I vent my frustration on an employee who had nothing to do with why I’m upset? What’s best for them?

14 simple do’s and don’ts distilled down to four simple words.

Try it. The next time you’re interacting with another person, think to yourself “what’s best for him/her?” before you open your mouth.