How to Have Dee Speak to Your Group

“If you get a chance to hear Dee, you will be inspired to search within yourself to discover a better understanding of why you do what you do.”

-Chris Burgreen, District Manager, Alfa Insurance



Over the last 15 years I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to speak to thousands of people- from business groups, to civic organizations, to churches, to a weekend gathering of men, to college and high school football teams. So I’m honored you’re considering me for your event.

Here’s What You Can Expect

  • A message tailored for your group. I have several tried and true talks, I’ll work with you to be sure the talk is appropriate and meaningful for your group.
  • Clear communication. We’ll work together to make sure I understand your needs and expectations. I’ll then go to work to do every thing I can to exceed them.
  • Me to be easy to work with. I’ll do what I said I’d do when I said I’d do it. If I have a flat tire or my flight gets cancelled, you’ll be the first to know. I’ve never missed a speaking date and will do everything possible to keep that streak alive.

A Little About Me

I grew up in North Alabama and married my high school sweetheart. Wait, that’s not right, we actually met in kindergarten. I’ve had what you might call a diverse work career. Over the years I’ve worked in a factory making refrigerators, sold insurance (not very well), sold steel (somewhat better than I was at selling insurance). Now I work as the training services manager for a company that teaches people how to avoid blowing themselves up when handling explosives.

Along the way I’ve discovered two things: I love helping men become the best version of themselves and I’ve made pretty much every mistake a guy could and now I want to share that wisdom with any guy who wants to know.


The Playbook for Men

How does a real man manage his money? How does he interact with his kids and wife? How does a real man make good decisions? Or to put it simply, how does a guy live like a man? These questions get answered in an insanely practical talk that gives men a simple, easy to follow process that will lead him to success.

This talk would be great for any group of men large or small with a desire to be the best version of themselves. Can be presented as a keynote, workshop or retreat.

How to be a World Class Follower

Following is an important skill but one that doesn’t get much attention these days. Followers aren’t rock stars in corporate America. Search Amazon and you’ll discover over 150k books on leaders but only 300 on following. You never see anyone on the cover of Time magazine as Follower of The Year.

Way too many people are coming into the work world without ever having been treated as a follower and therefore don’t realize it’s not a bad thing. It’s like saying your right hand is better than your left big toe. Sure, you write, hold a tennis racquet, and shake hands with your right hand, which makes it seem more important. But your left big toe is critical to you being able to stand up and walk around with falling down. It’s critical to balance. Being a world class follower is the same way. You’re just as essential to the success of the organization as the leaders.

This talk would be great for business groups, civic organizations or sports teams.

Men of a Certain Age

 Men of a certain age are grumpy because life hasn’t turned out right. Where is the adventure? All of those things they had hoped to accomplish remain undone. Now their passion has turned into apathy. But who said it HAD to be like this? Who said we had to quit?  It’s time for all men of a certain age to get back in the game. The world is depending on us.

This talk would be great for groups of men 40 and older.

reBoot: A Gathering of Men

A 24-hour gathering where men learn how to reboot their lives. The gatherings are done in a setting where the teaching is combined with meals and the men also have time to fish, shoot, play cards, watch football or just hang out.

reBoot is perfect for both faith based groups and fraternal organizations.

What Others are Saying

“Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to our Rotary Club a few weeks ago. The response after the meeting that day, and in the days since, have been one of the most talked about since I have been in our club. -David Norwood, Rotary Club of Lawrence County

‘I asked Dee to come and share some insight on Attitude, Work Ethic and Responsibility. It was awesome! In the sales arena, there are a lot of speakers that get push back from salespeople because they appear that they do not live in the ‘real world’. Dee did an outstanding job of presenting on a ‘real world’ level. His passion for serving others really came through in his message. If you get a chance to hear Dee, you will be inspired to search within yourself to discover a better understanding of why you do what you do. He will always be welcomed to speak to my group anytime.’ -Chris Burgreen, District Sales Manager, Alfa Insurance

Next Step

You can contact me via email or call me 205-292-7631 to talk about your event.