What I learned When Augusta National Wouldn’t Let Me Bring iPhone In.

Yesterday I went to the pinnacle of Southern wealth and hospitality, Augusta National Golf Club. It’s like Disney World, it looks too perfect. Except it’s not artificial, it’s just what you can accomplish with an unlimited budget. Heck even the pine straw is perfect. No clumps or lumps.

To get in you have to get past metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and a high end ticket scanner, but after that you’re transported back to the 1960’s. From the clubhouse to the cabins used by members, you’d swear it was 1962.

This means cell phones are not allowed. And I mean NO cell phones. You can’t even use your phone as a camera. Another old school tradition is people smoking outdoors. I saw several cigar smokers and not once did I  hear some snowflake cough and go “excuse you!”.

The cell phone ban stressed me out a little because I’m way more addicted to my slab of glass and metal than I care to admit. I SAY it’s because I use it to get work done and I do but the real reason I love my iPhone is social media. Not so much Facebook but Instagram and twitter. I lost count of how many times I reached for my phone because I wanted to post something on instagram or tweeter while walking around the course. It was a reflex. See something cool, tell the world. Here’s the weird part, not having the ability to post made me appreciate whatever it was I wanted to let the world know about more. At one point Susan and I were walking down a fairway and I stopped to look around and realized how much I was enjoying being on the grounds. I took the minute I would have spend posting to simply enjoy.

I redeemed that minute.

Why was it redeemable? Because the hard truth I learned is 90% of what i post on social media is not about “sharing” it’s about ME, ME, ME or more to be blunt BRAG, BRAG, BRAG. Ouch, that hurt.

I did carry a camera with me so to create my memory book but I was able to fully engage with the experience because my iphone was in the car. The sights, the sounds, the smells. I posted a few pictures the next day but not from a ME, ME, ME perspective but a “I got to go to a place a lot of people would also like to go and here are some images” purpose.  

I discovered another negative about my iPhone habit, I don’t know anybody’s phone number anymore. I got to work on that one and least have a short list I keep on me at all times.

As much as I enjoy my iPhone, Augusta National showed me I can and should live without it more. It’s not been the positive influence on my life I thought it was.


I’ve been to Disney World and have eaten at Chick Fil A, which were always my gold standard in terms of customer service and experience. Augusta National now has that title.

How did they build that kind of culture, here’s what’s on signs all over the employee areas at Augusta National Golf Club

“Thousands of guests are visiting your home this week. Love them like your family.”

What I learned When Augusta National Wouldn’t Let Me Bring iPhone In.

2 thoughts on “What I learned When Augusta National Wouldn’t Let Me Bring iPhone In.

  1. Hey Dee,
    Years ago, we connected through the Samson Society Website.
    This morning, God nudged me to revisit that site (that I haven’t been to in years) and through that visit, I stumbled upon your blog.

    I read about your “Augusta” experience without your cell phone. . . and God confirmed undeniably what He spoke to me much earlier this morning…. You see, I am currently on day 27 of a 40 day prayer challenge with my Pastor and what the Lord spoke to me about this morning was fasting…. fasting my phone and TV.

    While TV isn’t really a big deal… (maybe an hour of TV every other day in the evening) putting down the phone is a much bigger deal than I want to admit. But the point is redirection… redeeming the time… and what you shared was the push I needed to make up my mind to do it.

    I love to write, but was always apprehensive about “putting it out there” for others to read… I felt like I had to hit a homerun every time I wrote something…. and you gave me a great piece of advice that I’ve always remembered – “No one hits a homerun every time they step up to the plate. It’s not about being perfect – it’s about making contact”.

    Thanks for sticking with it, Dee – Your writing has always challenged and inspired me and I’m glad I found your blog – I appreciate you, Brother. Keep swinging!

    1. Brian,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for the kinds words. I’m working on a really long post on the root cause of the cell phone addiction (as well as several others), the brain chemical Dopamine. It will help you understand how the addiction and strategies to help you break it.

      If you like my writing you’ll want to check out aguysguidetoagoodlife.com . This where I’ll put all of my writing plus you can sign up for my weekly enewsletter that features tactics and strategies to help you become the best version of yourself!

      Hang in there!

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