Who’s Messing With Me?

Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is out to get me. Not in a creepy, conspiracy, more like a big brother torturing his little brother. It’s like the world has his hand on my forehead holding me back and I’m swinging my fists hitting nothing but air.

I just finished writing the latest edition of the email newsletter I send out every week. I started the newsletter a couple of months ago and really enjoy the process. The normal format is an intro featuring whatever is on my mind, then a map, globe and sometimes a PS.

Articles under Maps are practical content, stuff you can use as soon as you finish reading. Globes are the high level stuff you need to succeed in life. Core values, moral guardrails, that kind of thing.

Today’s Globe is what’s got me checking to see who’s messing with me. I started a series on the three skills every man needs to live a successful life, Wisdom, Discipline and Good Judgement. I’ve written and spoken on the magic three countless times. This time I was talking about Discipline. Specifically a quote from my friend Andy Andrews.

“Am I willing to do something I don’t want to do now, to get a result I’d like to have in the future?”

Are you kidding me? I don’t want to write today, South Carolina plays Florida then Kentucky plans North Carolina to see who goes to the final four. Plus I just finished writing 1500 words for the newsletter, so the last thing I want to do is come up with 500 new words there’s a good chance nobody but me will ever see.

Common sense says I should take the day off. I’ve written 500 words every day for 26 straight days. That kind of dedication should qualify me to watch the game.

But here I am, writing 500 words. Why? Simple, I’m willing to write today so that a year from now my writing will be better and therefore I’ll be able to inspire, educate and entertain more men which means there will more good men and that means our world will be better. That’s why I’m writing.

Having big goals help. Discipline for small goals is tough. If my only goal was to become a good writer, I’d be watching the game. Being good for the sake of being good is not enough. At anything. Being good at something is meant to make others lives better. To make your world better. Who cares if you can sit in a chair and say “I’m the best”? That’s wasted effort and time.

I want to be a good writer because reading is not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dead tree book or an e-book, a blog post or a tweet, people will read. Writing has the ability to move people to action, to achieve things they never thought possible.

There’s also a sense of personal satisfaction when you keep a promise to yourself. I promised myself I was going to put in the work and part of that was writing 500 words a day. That’s day 27.

Do you have a big goal? What are you willing to do now so that you can have that goal in the future?

Who’s Messing With Me?

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