Do You Have The Nerve to Change Your Course to the Good Life?

Don’t be afraid to change course. Even if you declared your present course “the one”. Even though you invested lots of money, time and energy developing your course. You read books, consulted with your mentors and allowed yourself to dream bigger than normal. When the course was set you were out of your comfort zone headed for places you’d only heard of.

Most of the time all of the work you put in beforehand means you can stay on the course for a long time. Maybe a slight mid-course correction but nothing is changing the ultimate destination. Like driving from Jacksonville Florida to LA on I-10. You might have to take a temporary detour due to construction or an accident, but the destination is not changing.

But what would you do if you got a call or text inviting you to aa once in a lifetime event in Seattle? Would you stubbornly stick to your course because you’ve got too much invested or are afraid your friends and family will call you “flaky” if you change? Are you the type of guy who would blow off a chance at the Best because you’d rather stay with a for sure Good?

Humans are creatures of habit and we don’t like to be ridiculed. A dangerous combination. Mix the two together and you get men who are paralyzed by the status quo. Good job, good life, good house, good wife, good kids. Just good.

There’s nothing wrong with good UNLESS it keeps you from going for Great. Steve Jobs went for great. Bill Gates went for great. Tom Brady goes for great. Nick Saban goes for great. Steve Jobs could have stopped when he got a job at Atari. Bill Gates could have finished school at Harvard. Tom Brady could have been content to hold a clipboard for Drew Bledsoe. Nick Saban could have remained an assistant coach.

All these guys had something to lose when they decided to change course. But look at the payoff because they took the chance.

Most of you have already come up with the question you should be asking “how to know when a course change is pointing a guy towards the best?”  Great question because the little voice telling you to change course could be last night’s pizza talking.

The answer is there is no easy answer. No formula to plug in a a few numbers and the answer pops out. You have to go back to the beginning and evaluate the possible course the same way you evaluated your current course.

Like i wrote in the second paragraph.

You invest lots of money, time and energy evaluating the new course. You read books, talk to mentors and dream bigger dreams. One good indicator is if the new course moves you even further out of your comfort zones and points to places you’ve never even heard of.

One confirmation point I do believe in is you don’t care what your friends or family say. They can call you flaky all they want because you have an inner peace about your decision.

Are your struggling with changing courses?

Do You Have The Nerve to Change Your Course to the Good Life?

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