Men and Women ARE Different

People are hilarious. It’s amazing what we can be convinced of. Did you know people still believe:

  1. NASA faked all six moon landings
  2. Airplanes didn’t crash into the Twin Towers
  3. Elvis faked his own death

There’s no getting away from the fact that once certain people believe a “fact”, there’s no changing their mind. In the South we say they are hanging on like “a hair on a biscuit”.

My favorite myth people believe is that men and women are the same.

Seriously? How can any human with an IQ above room temperature believe women and men are the same? Men and women are different. Not just anatomically but in every other way.

If you’re one of those folks, here are a differences science and medicine have proven between men and women.

Women navigate using landmarks, men navigate using directions and distances.

Tell a lady to turn right at the Chickfila and she’s good. But you’d need to tell a man “go 3 miles and turn north.”

We’re on different schedules

Around the age of 12, testosterone receptors reset boys’ internal clock. He will stay up about an hour later than girls his age.

Our friendships are different

Most women have many friendships which act like an extensive emotional support network. A man’s friendships are different; they revolve around common interests, activities, competition and work.

Men and Women Don’t See the Same Way

Women have roughly 180 degrees of peripheral vision while men have better long range vision. This means women can see the entire contents of the refrigerator without moving her head but a man is a better driver at night.

So Many Words

Avg woman speaks 20k words a day, the avg man speaks 7k words a day. Enough said.

Sleep Behavior

When a man is in the deepest part of his sleep cycle, 70% of his brain shuts down. When a woman is the deepest part of her sleep cycle, 90% of her brain is still active

Skin and Touch

A woman’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than a man’s skin. Which is why ladies like to cuddle, touch or hug

He’s Not Ignoring When He’s Reading

When a man is reading he is virtually deaf. The reason is he must turn off the hearing part of his brain to activate the reading part. Think of it as when men leave one room they close the door, THEN they open the door to another room. A woman can have all the doors in her brain open at the same time.

You and your wife are different. Many of what you consider to be her weaknesses aren’t weaknesses at all. She’s not wired to be good at the same stuff as you. Thank goodness her strengths are where you are weak. A lot of your arguments are over behavior she can’t change. Same goes for you, she needs to stop getting mad at you because you can’t find the butter in the fridge!  

Celebrate the fact you married your opposite. Quit fighting and praise God for it.


Men and Women ARE Different

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