Human Crash Test Dummy

Mythbusters is near the top of the list of my all time favorite TV shows. It’s off the air now but YouTube is full of clips. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman were the stars who tried to figure out if urban myths or legends were true using their science and movie special effects background. It’s weird that I could never remember who was who until the end. Google those names and you’ll see what it’s weird.

There were a few other folks on the show but my favorite was Buster. He was the one who got dropped, blown up, burned, shot and shot out of a cannon. Buster was not a professional stuntman, he was a crash test dummy. The kind car manufacturers use to study the effect different kinds of car crashed might have on humans.

What’s this got to do with me? I’m about to become a crash test dummy. If you’re the kind of person who goes to a NASCAR race for the wrecks or a hockey game hoping for a fight, you’re gonna love what I’m doing.

My life’s goal is to help motivated men become great men. In the past I’ve used podcasts, speaking and a start and stop blog. Now I’m going to walk across a tightrope without a net. I’m going to become a writer. Not just a “I’m thinking about writing a book” writer but a full-fledged, get paid for it, writer.

This is a big deal because I love to read but I’m a horrible writer. Grammar was not my favorite or best subject in school. I hated diagramming sentences and the grammar rules always confused me. Plu writing has always been laborious for me.

This is not my first shot at becoming a writer. I said these same things about a year ago and then bailed as soon as I found a way to rationalize it to myself.

Not this time. I’m in it to win it.

So why go public? A couple of reasons. One is every author I’ve listened to or read gives the same advice for how to become a good writer, write every day. Steven King writes 2000 words every day. No matter what. Jeff Goins writes 500 words every day. No matter.

If that’s what they say, I’ll do it. 500 words. Every day. I’ve actually already started but now I’m adding the insanity of publishing what I write.

Which is the second reason I’m doing it. It’s all well and good to write and even write well, but if you never publish your work you won’t get paid and you won’t add value to people’s lives. So I’m gonna put it all out there.

I used to think being a writer was a gift, but now I’m learning it’s a skill that can be developed. A skill that takes time and reps. Lots and lots of reps. Heck I’m a mediocre athlete who developed into a decent football player when I worked at it. Same with golf. When I played and practiced a lot, I was decent. So I’ve got the background to believe I learn something new if I put in the effort.

I’m 52 years old and I hope other old farts watch this process unfold. Because it will happen, not right away but it will happen. I want them to see they can try new stuff as well.

Until my writing gets good, enjoy the inevitable crashes. My crashes are fun to watch because I go full throttle when I finally decided to do something. Which means I leave dee-sized holes in lots of walls.

Stick around, this will be fun. 500 Words a Day, Every Day.

Human Crash Test Dummy

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