Men Are Not Defective Women

There is a war on true masculinity. Not the cartoon image of men perpetuated by the media and groups with an agenda but true, Don’t Be A Jerk, masculinity.The kind of masculinity we teach, promote and celebrate at Modern Southern Gentleman.

I ran across this article that pulls back the curtain of how the battle is being fought at some universities. BTW, don’t miss this fact about the program at Duke:

“Duke University, on the other hand, told Campus Reform that its Men’s Project exists “under the advisement and funding of the Duke Women’s Center.”

Programs like this reinforce the narrative that men are actually defective women and the world would be a much better place if men would just admit it and work on becoming more like women. Not true. The world will be a better place when men take on their role as Provider, Warrior and Guide. Real men are not oppressors, they are liberators. They protect not attack. They are wired to pass on the lessons of manhood to future generations because they understand how high the stakes are. The most important fact real men know is if we lose masculine men, we all lose.

That’s the narrative we’re spreading at Modern Southern Gentleman.