Why You Scared Bro?

One of the biggest hurdles I continually struggle with is spending more time planning/researching than publishing/producing. What I mean is it’s way easier for me to spend my time listening to the latest podcast from Tim Ferris, Michael Hyatt or Gary Vaynerchuck or reading Pat Flynn’s blog than it is to publish something I wrote or recorded. Way easier.

Based on conversations I’ve had I’m not the only one. Somebody reading this is being forced to admit “Me too”.

It’s also easier to spend time redesigning your website or fine tuning your email lead magnet, instead of putting out what you think, what you’re passionate about, what YOU wrote.

It’s so much easier a lot of us end up in perpetual planning mode.


I think fear of rejection/failure is at the root of the behavior. Nobody likes to be rejected or told what they produced sucks. So rather than take the chance of being rejected, we just avoid publishing all together.

This is sad because the world needs your unique take on the world or music or politics or computers or coffee or whatever.

But why are we so afraid of failure? It’s not like we’re going to die if we fail. There’s not much chance there will be lifetime consequences if we fail.

If you’re still not sure, go find a guy who has cratered his life, and ask him about failure.

I’ve got several friends who fit this description and they all have one trait in common now, they are fearless. 

I talked to one these guys about this. He was all over social media before his personal train wreck, so when it happened, the news was everywhere.

BTW, I watched what he went through and I wouldn’t wish that kind of attack and scrutiny on my worst enemy. If you are trying to get known on the web, be careful, there’s a dark side to internet fame that is uglier than anything you can imagine.

Anyway as he and I were talking I said “You’ve already survived a public failure and you’re still standing. If I were you, I think I would never fear failure again because I’d know it’s not fatal. Maybe embarrassing but nothing that can’t be overcome.”

He said, “yep.”

Not Your Normal Inspiration

It’s weird that I get inspired by his story when I’m killing time “researching” instead of writing. Now I ask myself “What’s the worst thing that can happen? Somebody will leave a bad rating or say something negative about me online.” If that’s the worse that can happen, why am I scared? 

I need to man up and get to work getting my message out.

And so do you.

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3 thoughts on “Why You Scared Bro?

  1. Wow, needed this. I struggle with getting some of my content out since I am afraid no one will read it. Or it won’t be well received, or it’s old info that no one wants. Just need to put it out there. Thanks for the inspiration.

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