Digital Heroin and Don’t be a Jerk

Happy New Year! Let’s get this year started off strong! I’ve got some good stuff to help you make 2017 your best year.


How many cars can you fit in your 2 car garage? If the answer is 0, this post is for you. Great tips on reclaiming your domain.

I love a good hamburger but there’s nothing worse than a bad hamburger. Watch Chef/Author Anthony Bourdain talk about what makes a perfect hamburger



Lewis Grizzard said “Credit cards are financial heroin”. Credit card debt can sneak up on you  and put you on a treadmill of minimum payments and ballooning balances. Check out this post to better understand the APR of your credit card.

One of my mantras is “Measure Twice, Cut Once”. I use it as a reminder to proofread every email before I hit send. This article on the presidential election hasn’t gotten much notice but if it’s true, it’s the best illustration what can happen when you don’t measure twice, cut once.


Retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis is President Elect Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of Defense. Watch this video to get to a sense of the not just the Marine but the man. I look forward to seeing our Armed Forces after a year or so under the leadership of General Mattis.

Digital Heroin

In my opinion, internet/smartphone/video game addiction is the next big crisis to be dealt with in our country. The author of this article calls it “digital heroin”. It’s also at the root of internet porn addiction. In fact, it’s not out of line to say this entire article could be written about a 35 year old man who’s addicted to porn instead of a 9-year old boy who’s addicted to video games.

This is a topic I’ll be writing a lot about in the coming weeks because I want the men who are trapped in an endless cycle of relapse to know there is a way out. I want them to know it’s not a lack of willpower that prevents them from kicking a porn habit, it’s a lack of knowledge about what the real problem is and how to deal with it.


I love this story about Muscle Shoals Sound Studio being revitalized. One of my favorite podcast interviews was done in the control room with founding member and bass playing legend, Dave Hood. Click here to listen.


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This is our mantra for 2017. You ready to make the pledge?