It’s OK to Let People Know You Haven’t Always Had Your S@#$ Together

A friend of my daughter was having money trouble and one of her other friends said “Why don’t you talk to Sara’s parents?”. The response of Sara’s friend just floored me, she said “They’ve never struggled with money, what would they know?”

Are you kidding?! We’ve been broke. College broke.

Don’t look at us as we are right now, look at us like we were in our 20s, when we were struggling just as much anybody else. We made tons of mistakes with money. As Dave Ramsey says we made stupid decisions with zeroes attached. We’ve been through it all and that’s why we’re a good source of information.

Then it dawned on me, I need to make sure the next generations know I’ve haven’t always had my s@#$ together.

Easier said than done because I have to let the world see my mistakes and imperfections. That’s tough to do as a man of a certain age because I’ve worked hard to get my life under control. I want my reputation to be what people see now, not the knucklehead I was at 24.

I forgot I’ve got an important job:

The reality is most of the young guys we talk to aren’t going to take our advice. But that’s on them. One day they’ll wake up and realize you tried to give them a shortcut, a head start on life but they just took a crap all over it. That’s not on us, that’s on them.

BUT if even just one guy takes our advice and saves himself a lot of heartache, it was worth it.

So men of a certain age don’t be afraid to let people know you didn’t always have your s@#$ together.



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