I Love Being From The South

I love the fact I grew up and have lived every day of my life in the South.

I love how you can drive 10 minutes out from any city and the clock gets turned back 30 years. Or I can stay in a city like where I live, Huntsville, and can hear 15 different languages and accents in 30 minute of people watching at Starbucks.

The South is where stories are still important. I think it’s because we were one of the last places to get electricity. People had to make their own entertainment and knew there were facts and skills that needed passing on to future generations. There was no tv, at best you might have a battery powered radio, which meant you had to talk to one another. Sometimes this meant stories were told about the past to prepare the next generation the future.

Our House in Tuscaloosa. I miss my porch

Our House in Tuscaloosa. I miss my porch

If you asked me to name just one image that best represents the South I’d say front porches. Why? The community a front porch provides. True southerners know and understand the value of just being in the same space with other humans. No words. Just the occasional sip of sweet tea or good bourbon.

Another great thing about living in the South is manners. Not just common “please” and “thank you’s”, but treating people like people, not servants. I hate seeing men treating young women like pieces of meat. Modern Southern Gentleman treat older women like their mother and younger women the way he wants his sister treated. Don’t be that weirdo who tries to pick up the waitress, bartender or golf course beverage cart girl. And damn sure don’t do it if you’re over 40. That’s just creepy.

I love the fact some of the smartest men I’ve ever met did not have much in the way of formal education. They may not have been able to use the proper term to identify a broken part, but they could fix anything. They didn’t have a degree in finance but they knew you couldn’t spend more than you made for too many years before you went broke.

I also love the southern men I know who have tons of letters after their name: PhD, MD, JD, etc. I love how none of them think this sets them apart. It’s just what they wanted to do. Most of them are also teachable. They know how little they know.

I love living in the South.