Live your Own Dream

So today my morbid curiosity got the best of me and I went out to Huntsville International Airport to check out Trump’s ride.

I didn’t plan on staying but then I saw this guy and knew I had to stick around to see what he’d do. He disappointed me other than hearing him try to say “Alabama”.reporter standing

I talked to a guy who had flown his family up in his plane from Birmingham to check out Trump. There were a couple of other groups getting ready to leave in their planes but they waited on the flight line to get a glimpse of the Donald. No big deal. I mean how often to get to see a billionaire in person?

flight line

But what caught my attention was what happened with one of the last planes to land before Trump. The reason I was interested is you don’t see many Gulfstream G4’s up close. Especially hauling people who live in Huntsville Alabama. A family of four exited when the pilot opened the door. Then, instead of waiting around to see Trump, the family went straight to their SUV and were gone before the pilot could shut down the engines and chock the wheels.

It struck me the people who had their small prop planes and the great unwashed like me who were standing outside of the fence, were watching a man, Donald Trump, live his dream. But the family on the G4 were too busy living their dream to waste time on the dreams of others. I need to be more like that family.

Love Donald Trump or hate him, I don’t much care, but even the most fire-breathing Trump basher has to admit he’s “doing” while the rest of us watch.

If more of us focused on “doing” instead of just watching, our country would be in much better shape.