11 Rules for Living Like a Modern Southern Gentleman

Men need rules. They don’t just need rules, men kind of want them. They’ll complain about the rules but deep down men like knowing what to do in a situation. There’s a sense of security in knowing if “x” happens, do “y”. A man doesn’t have to think, he just does what the rules say.

So I’ve come up with 11 rules for living like a Southern Gentleman:

1. Love God and Love others

A strong faith and tendency to love others is as Southern as Sweet Tea.

2. Measure Twice, Cut Once

The quality of your work is a reflection of you as a man. Back in the day you could tell a lot about a farmer by how straight the rows in his field were. For you it might be how many typos are in your emails. To avoid an embarrassing mistake, take the extra 2 minutes to proof read an email before you hit “send”.

3. Spend less than your earn

This rule for handling money goes all the way back to Reconstruction. The Civil Way destroyed the southern economy, so cash and credit were in tight supply. Southerners had to figure out how to survive without either.

That all changed during the last 20 years. Now you can get a Visa with a $15,ooo credit limit just by clicking a box. So before you click “accept” on that Visa application remember, nobody ever had to file bankruptcy following this rule.

4. Treat others the way you want to be treated

Just follow Jesus. Here’s what He said in the world’s most famous sermon, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets” (Matthew 7:12). Simple.

5. Take Care of Your Stuff

One day I was helping a buddy get his boat ready to go fishing. He didn’t just check to be sure he had gas and the plug was in. He walked around his boat like a pilot walking around an airplane before take-off. It was not a quick task. Just when I thought we were going to leave, he noticed some fishing line had gotten wrapped around the prop shaft. Instead of saying he’d take care of it next time, he took the 10 minutes to remove it. When his girlfriend complained about how long it was taking he said “I ain’t got much but I try to take care of what I do have.”

Get it?

6. Remember, S&*^ Happens

You better have a sense of humor or this world will chew up and spit you out. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

7. Pass it On

Don’t hoard what you’ve learned. You worked too hard getting it to keep it to yourself. Pass it on to whoever wants to learn.

8. Trust, But Verify

Southerners enjoy doing business with people they like. But always remember, just because you like somebody doesn’t mean you shouldn’t verify what they said. Don’t worry, this will not offend an honest man.

9. Count the cost

Don’t just dive into building a house, starting a business or getting married. You need to have a plan. Coach Bryant put it this way, “Have plan. Work your plan. Plan for the unexpected.”

10. It is what it is

Embrace reality. You can’t fix it until you face it.

11. Sooner or later you must actually DO something

You can come up with 100 different “million dollar ideas”, but none of them will work until you DO.