Good Books You Need To Read

I’m the biggest cheerleader for guys you will ever meet, but one of the things that drives me nuts is GUYS WON’T READ A BOOK. The reason is the best way to grow and get better is to read good books. It will put you so far ahead of everybody else, they’ll think you’re cheating.

That’s why I’m giving you a list of really good books to read. Why not decide right now that you’ll read at least one of these books over the next 3 months? Try it and I promise you’ll be amazed how much it will improve your life.

But if you are gonna be a wuss and refuse to pick up a book, buy the audio version and listen on your commute, while you’re cutting the grass or at the gym.

There went your last excuse.

My Favorite Books

One of, if not THE best books on leadership ever written. Even though Bill is a pastor, his background is corporate, so the principles work in any arena.


Weird name for a very good book. I’m pretty sure I could run almost any sized business using just this book. Especially good for anybody thinking about starting a business.


Great book for anyone looking to start a new career or follow a dream


Love him or hate him, he’s won 4 national championships at 2 different schools. He knows something.


When one of the most highly decorated Generals in military history is willing to tell you about his mistakes, you need to Listen!


A great story about growing up without a dad.


I believe the US Marine Corps is the greatest organization for training men in the world. This book will teach how to lead like a Marine.


Great book for anyone who does public speaking.


This is required reading for every wedding I perform.


Lots of good stuff in this book. Even if it was written by a Yankee.


R. Lee freaking Ermey. Enough said


This book will probably cause you to ask more questions than answer them. But that’s a good thing.


Don’t be intimidated by the size. It’s really a collection of SHORT stories.


The explanation of why guys act the way they do.