How to Fail at Anything

Failing really isn’t hard. In fact, it’s pretty easy if you know what you’re doing. I want to make it so simple any guy can do it. in only 5 steps. Follow these five and I can guarantee you’ll fail at pretty much anything.

NUMBER FIVE-Don’t Have a Goal

Just like going on trip without a destination, the best way to fail is to have no idea where you’re going. No goal means you won’t be bothered with pesky details like schedules and budgets.

NUMBER FOUR-Don’t Do Your Homework BEFORE You Start

This is really important. Whatever you do, don’t do any research, just jump right in. If you’ve never owned a restaurant, then by all means buy the one the little old lady is selling. You can just figure it out as you go.

NUMBER THREE-Don’t Ask for Help

Go ahead and miss that deadline for your new client. That’s got to be a better plan than getting some of your friends to help you out of a bind. You won’t because you know the minute you asked, they’d know you’re not superman.

NUMBER TWO-Don’t Ask for Feedback

If you’re product is not selling, it’s the customer’s fault not yours. They just aren’t sophisticated or hip enough to understand how awesome you are. Feedback is for losers. When you want someone’s opinion, you’ll give it to them.

The Number One Way to Guarantee You’ll Fail- QUIT

This is the one anybody can do. If you really, really want to fail just quit. That’s all. Just flop down on the couch, grab the XBox controller and break your high score on Call of Duty. Presto, you failed.

I told you failing was easy, it just takes practice.