Why Are Men Falling Behind?

There have been lots of articles and studies done that prove what anybody with a pulse already knew: men are not what they used to be. Absentee dads, drunks, dope-heads, drop-outs, serial video gamers, and porn addicts are now the new norm. Now instead of getting married at 22 after college graduation, guys are instead moving back in with their parents after flunking out. Or they move back in after getting fired because their boss actually meant it when he said he would fire them the next time they just couldn’t get out of bed.

Nobody except the perpetual momma’s boy argues that the problem exists. The argument comes when we start trying to figure out the how and the why. Some say it’s because men are just naturally lazy and worthless. Others say its because women have always been superior and they are asserting that superiority and men can’t handle it. Then there is the group (made mostly of mommies who know the world just doesn’t understand their baby) that say it’s society’s fault.

Well none of those are true. There is really only one reason, boys aren’t becoming men because nobody is teaching them how to do it. When I say nobody I mean no human. So they learn from tv, movies and their equally clueless buddies that being a man means having the most cash, biggest house, more power, and the most sex (which by the way, they learn how to do from watching porn). Now who really thinks those sources depict an accurate picture of manhood?

Instead young guys need to learn from good men. Men who have actually done something. Men who have built a business, earned a degree, married a great woman, fathered healthy children, fought a war, and survived tough times.

Boys who can shave are falling behind because men who can shave aren’t showing them the way. We can do better.