Men are Like Trucks, They Both Need a Heavy Load

Have you ever been driving behind a tractor-trailer that was swerving all over the place? Most folks think it’s because the truck is overloaded, but actually the reason is the trailer is empty.

Tractor-trailer rigs are not designed to haul empty trailers, they are designed to carry heavy loads. The weight of the load is what keeps the rig tracking straight instead of swerving from side to side.

This means the driver is not doing his truck a favor by driving it without a load. It actually hurts the truck and makes his job even harder. When a truck is loaded down with 40,000 pounds of cargo is when it drives and rides the best.

The same thing is true with men, especially young men. They respond and live better when they are carrying a load (not a too heavy load, but an appropriate load). When a young man is living without a load he swerves from side to side going from one part-time job to another, one relationship to another and one crappy apartment to another. When a young man is carrying a load of responsibility like marriage, children, mortgage or whatever, he tracks straight without too much side to side action.

Some parents think they are helping their son by carrying some of his load, but they are actually hurting him. He’s tougher than you think and more capable than you or he knows. He’ll also develop self-respect as he learns responsibility, because it’s not a curse, it’s what he was designed to do.

So don’t always look for ways to remove a guy’s heavy load because you probably aren’t helping him. Some of you need to stop spending your time looking for ways to get someone else to carry your load and man up.

(thanks to pastor Mark Driscoll for the idea of comparing young men to trucks)


Men are Like Trucks, They Both Need a Heavy Load

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