Women Are Like A Walk-in Closet?

Have you ever been having a discussion/argument with your wife/girlfriend and thought “What does this have to do with that?” (if you haven’t, you will). You’re talking about painting the bedroom when she says “My car is making a funny noise”. What the..? How did we get from here to there? Or it’s time to go to bed and you’re thinking, hmmmm, maybe tonight but she’s ticked off about something that happened at work. How are those two things related? The reason is women are like a walk-in closet. Now before you start sending me hate email, just keep reading.Because men are visual here are two pictures that will help you understand a key difference between men and women. It’s all about how men and women process all of the details and input you get during a normal day.Here’s how Men process:

Guys put everything in it’s own drawer. Work stuff goes in the work drawer, home stuff goes in the home drawer, golf stuff goes in the golf drawer. Everything is very focused and nothing is interconnected. But not only do guys put everything in it’s own drawer, they leave it there and don’t take it back out until they need it. One word description: compartmentalized.

Now here’s how women process:

Not that women are messy, but for them everything goes in one big closet. No dividers. Everything touches everything else in one way or another. That’s why what happened at work affects what happens in the bedroom. Everything is interconnected. She can keep multiple streams going at the same time. She’s not trying to be difficult, it’s just how her brain is wired. One word description: Multitasking.

So the next time you’re trying to figure out why your wife/girlfriend can keep 3 conversations going on at one time, just think of the closet. You can thank me later.