You Don’t Need a Lawyer to Pass on Critical Financial Information

OK, I know most guys do NOT like talking about boring stuff like money, insurance, and investments so I’ll make this quick. EVERY man needs to have a piece of paper with the following information on it either in a place where a few people know where to find it or in the hands of a few people. I’ve done this and it takes maybe a couple of hours to pull the information together. But the good news is once you do it, you can pretty much forget about it.
Bank Name
Account Number(s)
Online Access Login Name and Password

Company Pension Account including Beneficiary, Account # and Contact Information
401K Account Number, Management Company Contact Information
Online Trading Account, including login/password information
Stock Broker contact info
Union Investment Account # and Contact Information

Agent Contact Information
Policy #
Face Value
Location of actual policy (needs to be in a safe or bank safety deposit box)

Car loan account # and lender contact info, Online Access Login/Password
Credit card account # and issuer contact info, PIN, Online Access Login/Password

Location of your will. (If you don’t have one, get one NOW! If you don’t, someobody else will decide who gets your money)

That’s it. With this information anybody could take of your stuff if something happened to you. If you’re married, you cannot imagine how much peace of mind this piece of paper will give your wife. So turn the TV or computer off for a couple of hours and take care of your stuff!

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3 thoughts on “You Don’t Need a Lawyer to Pass on Critical Financial Information

  1. This is a really good idea, Dee. I have a lot of the stuff in our strong box at home, but I do need to add the info about our online accounts since I do most all of our bill paying online. Thank you so much for your practical info. You let God use you in an awesome way, especially to minister to us men.

  2. Thanks! Keep spreading the word. I pay our bills as well and use If you don't use it now check it out. It's free and a great way to keep up with your bank accounts.

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